It turned out that many foods known to have health benefits, like almonds, eggs, stone fruits, were not suitable for my body.

I got on the scale. After 2 months, I lost 20 lbs!!!!!! I went from 198.8 on Feb 1st to 178.6 on April 1st.

It wasn’t until I did the food sensitivity test (through blood work analysis) and I saw the most dramatic results based on dietary changes alone.


It turned out that many foods known to have health benefits, like almonds, eggs, stone fruits, were not suitable for my body. By following the recommended protocol to avoid certain foods and focus my intake on the foods most positive for my body, I immediately started to see results. I had less bloating and I dropped the excess weight that I seemed to accumulate despite eating my normal “healthful” way. And most importantly, I suddenly had more energy than I ever remember having.


I feel like I got myself out of a rut, and now I’m more excited to increase my commitment to other aspects of health through exercise and meditation. It doesn’t feel so hard after making the dietary shifts I needed. I want to see what else I can do to feel even better.


I highly recommend following this personalized protocol to feel the best that you can feel.


Sandy, New York City

Energy, Food Sensitivities, Hormones, Immune System, Weight

And my mom lost 10-12 lbs since she has been here and eating with me the way I am now eating. Plus, all of our amazing sessions with you. She left this morning vowing to continue on her new path.


Also, I did my first really big run/walk today and it has made me feel great. I really wanted to share that with you because you are at the center of all good change that is happening for me. THANK YOU!!!!! I’m so grateful to be working with you, Olya. You are truly gifted at what you do and I am so thankful.


Elisabeth, New York City


Like many women, I had always been rather self-conscious with two physical aspects of myself: my weight and my skin.

As a teenager, I would experience major breakouts on my forehead and cheeks, and my weight would constantly fluctuate. I was unhappy and insecure with myself, and I felt apprehensive about living on my own in college; I knew that “freshmen 15” and heavy breakouts lied within my destiny.


After the completion of my first semester at college, I had already gained a solid 5 pounds and my breakouts were growing in size and place. Worst of all, I became addicted to sugar; I couldn’t go a day without eating cookies, cakes, and ice cream. I acknowledged my accruing health problems to myself, so I tried several mainstream diets. However, they all failed me, as I would regain any lost weight – and then some. I felt hopeless and “just plain fat”.


I started researching some holistic health approaches and came across Olya’s contact information. We started speaking on the phone a few times a week. Not only did Olya educate me on general holistic health, but she in fact, helped me lose the weight I had gained in college – and then some. She took her “magical wand” (her bio-scan laser) and re-programmed my body, so I would no longer depend on sugar on a daily basis. As if that weren’t enough, my skin COMPLETELY cleared up! I finished my first year of college with weight loss, a glowing skin complexion, and an emotionally-stable self. My friends and family noticed my new outer-beauty and inner-confidence.


I accredit Olya for all of my health progresses and still e-mail her for health insight.


Thank you, Olya!


Katrina, New York City

Acne, Weight

I am 36 years old and I have ulcerative colitis. Part of my colon has been removed. I hardly could eat anything and was living on white rice. Every time I would eat something else, I would end up in the hospital. My energy was very low and I was getting sick all the time.


Olya’s program helped me to revive my livelihood and physical shape. My choices in food expanded. She taught me about all different foods that will nourish me and not get sick. I am currently in the best physical state I’ve been in a decade, armed with tools to make it even better. I started gaining my healthy weight back and am no longer anemic.


Thank you Olya for the great knowledge, structure and support.


Victor, New York City

Anemia, Immune System, Ulcerative Colitis, Weight

My doctors told me I will have to get used to living with my chronic condition. “There was no medical solution, so get used to your new physical limitation.”

I have been working with Olya on health & beauty for many years, but it wasn’t until after I had my baby that I realized I needed to get serious about my health on a deeper level.

Olya has changed my life. I have always struggled with weight issues (even when I was thin) and seemed to never be able to break through to where I could maintain feeling good inside and out and live my life without struggle or “dieting.” I finally committed to doing this program with Olya fully and have never looked back. The insight the work gives and the support & knowledge Olya provides made it possible for me to actually shift my way of living! There is a feeling of space, happiness, room to breathe and enjoy my life that I was seriously missing before. I have lost 40lbs, running my first half marathon, embarking on a new exciting artistic adventure, and I now have the mental & physical energy to keep up with my 2 year old! I cannot thank her enough. Olya has given me a whole new life.


Leanne, New York City

Energy, Weight

Two years ago I was at my son’s little league game and ran into a friend who was undergoing another round of radiation treatments in his long and brave battle with cancer. I was amazed at how good he looked knowing all that he was going through…

His energy level was high, his coloring was perfect, his spirit was pure and he had the strength of an ox.  I told him he was truly an inspiration to and asked how he was able to do so under such challenging circumstances?  He smiled and said “Bro, you have to go meet with Olya and she will help you get your body in-balance and get rid of all its toxins!”


Six months later, I was dealing with a lot of stress at work, had put on nearly 30 lbs, was having trouble sleeping and was dealing with severe joint pain in my knees and hand.  I proceeded to run into my friend at my son’s basketball game and he came over and said “Did you ever call Olya?”  I smiled and said “does it look like I called Olya?”  We both laughed and he handed me her number for the 2nd time.


For the past 2 years, I have been successfully working with Olya to bring overall health and wellness into my life.  The BioScan Treatments are amazing as it provides me with a complete look inside my body and lets me know what my stressors are and the imbalances they are creating both physically and emotionally.  Olya immediately finds the right supplements and is able to get my body balanced within a couple of days.


The BioScan treatments also showed me what I was allergic too and the types of foods that I should avoid at all costs.  Olya educated me on the importance of a healthy diet,  gave me some great recipes and suggested ways to eliminate the toxins that was contributing to my weight gain.


After getting my body back in balance, Olya began using the AcuLight Treatments in order to help reduce the overall inflammation and pain that I was suffering from in my hands and knees.  The treatments are working and the pain has subsided. I have resumed working out and have lost over 22lbs in the past 6 months.  I still have a way to go but am on the right track both physically and emotionally.


Olya is extremely knowledgeable, resourceful, accessible, honest and is committed to help you achieve overall balance in your life.  She doesn’t promise any “quick fixes” and makes that very clear during your initial consultation!  She firmly believes that if you keep making the small necessary adjustments you will be in a better position to achieve the BIG changes you are striving to achieve in the long term.


Gerry, New Jersey

Arthritis, Weight

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