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I saw my eye doctor today, and I am happy to report: there are no more cataracts in my right eye, & left has greatly reduced cataracts.

Also, I was using eye drops throughout the day for my dry eyes, and now I use it only occasionally.

I have been seeing Olya and she gave me a homeopathic remedy for my eyes, in addition to laser treatments. Four- five months later my eyes are in much better health than they were a year ago, and I am 68 years old. My doctor told me to come back in a year and a half!

George, New York City

Anti-Aging, Eye Health, Immune System

I had come out of a stressful job, had lack of sleep, and was anxious. As a result, I got many eye infections (styes and chalazions) due to stress. I had never heard of Bioenergetics before. Since, I have used natural remedies to assist getting the infection out of my body. I hold stress in my eyes. Now, when I feel my eyes may be starting to feel tender I have products at home to take immediately. I feel them work in a matter of minutes. 


Also, my bio-scan showed my brain was in overdrive. My bio-scan also showed other things, and was the motivation I needed to improve my health. Seeing inside your body, was the motivation I needed to make further lifestyle changes. When I am stressed my brain gets overstimulated, which impacts my function, sleep, wellbeing and personal performance. Now I take the best products to calm me and assist my adrenal levels.


Sally, New York

Eye Health, Brain, Anxiety

I had never heard of Bioenergetics before. Since, I have used natural remedies to assist getting the infection out of my body.

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