As long as I remember, I have been suffering with IBS all my life. 

As long as I remember, I have been suffering with IBS all my life. 

​I have tried so many diets and different approaches, seen so many different practitioners, and hardly saw any improvements: still was feeling bloated, constipated, and often had pain in my stomach.


When I had a scan with Olya, she said I probably had parasites. No one ever mentioned parasites to me before, they never came up in my stool tests, and the possibility of having them didn’t settle well with me. But I did travel a lot, and had been sick few times during my travels, and also often ate sushi.


I had nothing to lose (except the unwanted creatures in my gut!) and I started the detoxification program with Olya which involved some changes in my diet, supplements and laser treatments.


In less than a month I noticed that my stomach was less bloated, I started going to the bathroom daily, and even lost few pounds without trying! The most surprising thing to me was that I started eating foods that I thought I was not able to digest, and my body was not reacting to them!


I feel my whole life has changed! I am so glad I stumbled on Bio-Matrix website when I was searching for help. Thank you Olya!


Irina, New York City

Constipation, Digestion, Energy, Food Sensitivities

​And my mom lost 10-12 lbs since she has been here and eating with me the way I am now eating. Plus, all of our amazing sessions with you. She left this morning vowing to continue on her new path.


Also, I did my first really big run/walk today and it has made me feel great. I really wanted to share that with you because you are at the center of all good change that is happening for me. THANK YOU!!!!! I’m so grateful to be working with you, Olya. You are truly gifted at what you do and I am so thankful.


Elisabeth, New York City


I got on the scale. After 2 months, I lost 20 lbs!!!!!!

Also, I was using eye drops throughout the day for my dry eyes, and now I use it only occasionally.


I have been seeing Olya and she gave me a homeopathic remedy for my eyes, in addition to laser treatments. Four- five months later my eyes are in much better health than they were a year ago, and I am 68 years old. My doctor told me to come back in a year and a half!


George, New York City

Anti-Aging, Eye Health, Immune System

I saw my eye doctor today, and I am happy to report: there are no more cataracts in my right eye, & left has greatly reduced cataracts.

After being diagnosed with and treated for two tumors, Olya was the only person to alert me to the fact that my body was trying to tell me something—it needed a change.

She helped me, through changes in diet and lifestyle, to take control of maintaining my body’s health. Having Olya look at my whole picture including medical and personal history, eating and drinking habits, exercise routines, etc. was a valuable experience. Olya helped me transition gradually so that her suggestions became permanent lifestyle changes. Learning to make educated and healthier choices and becoming more “in touch” with my body has had an extremely positive effect on me. I was on high blood pressure medication for 20 years and slowly, under supervision of my doctor I finally got off it. Also, I have lost weight in my mid section, and at age 62 I have more energy, healthier looking skin and I feel wonderful!


Jill, West Palm Beach

Blood Pressure, Digestion, Tumors

I have known Olya for over 10 years… She has been an expert at keeping my face clean and feeling beautiful.

And for the past year and a half she has been doing the exact same for my body and mind. Clearing out toxins out of my body and balancing my emotions has strengthened my relationship with myself, which I have so needed. I am off my antidepressant Celexa and I don’t have depression or anxiety anymore. I just keep with my regular “check-ups”with Olya. She has helped me to rebuild the more balanced relationship with my mother, husband and children. What Olya has embedded in her brain is a true gift to whomever utilizes it!

Quantum Physics, AMAZING!


Janet, New York City

Anxiety, Depression

I don’t have depression or anxiety anymore.

When I started working with her, my hair was falling out.

I had two bald spots on top of my head. I was not sure if it was hormonal or stress-related. Within a month, the bald spots were completely covered with new hair growth. I also suffered from low energy and winter blues before I went to see Olya. Now I have my energy back, happiness and joy – and it’s mid-February in New York City! My relationship with my family has also improved, where I am learning to be less emotionally reactive. Overall, Olya and her holistic approach create a balanced body deserves an A++++.


Zoe, New York City

Hair Loss, Immune System, Stress

The bio scan treatment work she has done for me has, in all honesty, changed my life. I have also brought my daughter, who is 5, to Olya, to help her with the anxiety. 

I came to her suffering from 10 years of ulcerative colitis, 9 years of rheumatoid arthritis, and two recent bouts of diverticulitis. If I had a third I would have to have a section of my colon removed. I was also going through a tremendous amount of stress, being in the midst of a divorce, moving and starting a new job. I was on medication for everything, exercising, trying to eat well, going to acupuncture, going to a chiropractor, and nothing was helping. I felt terrible all the time and could not turn it around.


I had met Olya through her sister Lena, who I had been going to for facials for a while (and I love!). When she described the bio scan work she could do I was skeptical but figured it was worth trying. After ONE session I felt a PROFOUND difference. I did not tell her anything going on in my personal life and only a limited amount about my medical history, and ALL of it came up in the bio scan reading. It was amazing. She was able to treat me with a laser and give me a few things to use at home to start to cleanse out things in my body that were making me sick. She also scanned and tested for bio-compatibility all of my supplements to see what was being absorbed by my body and made recommendations on what I should change, eliminate, and add. I felt better immediately and soon began her 12 week program to do more intensive work.


I am now off ALL of my medication for the first time in 10 years, all under my doctors’ supervision. I had full blood work done and everything looked fantastic, and I just had a colonoscopy and my doctor said that if he had not known I had a history of colitis he would never have known I had it my colon looked so good! I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off of me and I feel healthy for the first time in many, many years. I owe this entirely to Olya.


I have also brought my daughter, who is 5, to Olya, to help her with the anxiety. She had such a tender way of working with my daughter that when we came home, my daughter renamed one of her Barbies Olya! I went from having an anxious child to having my sweet girl back again. Something deep in her has settled for the first time in almost 2 years.


I cannot recommend Olya highly enough. They say it takes a village to raise a child. It also takes a village to get through major health problems, and through major life crises. Olya is a key part of my support network for both and has had a profound impact on my life. I am forever grateful to her for what she has done for me.


Michaela, New York City

Arthritis, Diverticulitis, Ulcerative Colitis

It turned out that many foods known to have health benefits, like almonds, eggs, stone fruits, were not suitable for my body.

It wasn’t until I did the food sensitivity test (through blood work analysis) and I saw the most dramatic results based on dietary changes alone.


It turned out that many foods known to have health benefits, like almonds, eggs, stone fruits, were not suitable for my body. By following the recommended protocol to avoid certain foods and focus my intake on the foods most positive for my body, I immediately started to see results. I had less bloating and I dropped the excess weight that I seemed to accumulate despite eating my normal “healthful” way. And most importantly, I suddenly had more energy than I ever remember having.


I feel like I got myself out of a rut, and now I’m more excited to increase my commitment to other aspects of health through exercise and meditation. It doesn’t feel so hard after making the dietary shifts I needed. I want to see what else I can do to feel even better.


I highly recommend following this personalized protocol to feel the best that you can feel.


Sandy, New York City

Energy, Food Sensitivities, Hormones, Immune System

I was dealing with a brain lesion that was causing major migraines, I was also feeling very emotionally imbalanced, had digestion issues and my energy level was non-existent.

I’ve been a client of Olya’s now for nearly a year…and I can’t even express in words how grateful I am for her.

When I first visited Olya, I was dealing with a brain lesion that was causing major migraines, I was also feeling very emotionally imbalanced, had digestion issues and my energy level was non-existent. With Olya’s BioScan treatments and guidance, I have come such a long way in less than a year’s time. By brain lesion has actually shrunk in size and I have been migraine-free for months now. My digestion has improved, I just received perfect blood results from my doctor. My energy level is so much better than it was before, and people tell me that my skin looks like it’s glowing. Olya’s work, along with her supportive and caring demeanor, has been such a blessing to me, and I am so grateful to be one of her clients. She taught me that regardless of what ailments you have, whether they are emotional or physical, they are all connected, which is why the BioScan treatments are such a great approach for any issue.


Jaime, New York City

Brain, Digestion, Energy, Migraines

I told my brother, a retired doctor that I came to your office a few weeks after having had a balloon angioplasty on both legs I told you that my right foot felt like nails were stabbing the bottom of the foot upon lying in bed. In reporting that to you, the treatment you administered to that foot became a permanent resolution in healing.

Not having any pain since, I put away the prescription my internist gave me to see a specialist on that problem. I have not told my internist as yet, but will do.


Thank you so much, Olya, for all your hard work.


Sondra, New York City

Asthma, Cough, Energy

I feel I have more energy, my breathing is better, I stopped coughing too, I take less medication for asthma, and I don’t have my sciatica pain any more.

My ovarian blood results weren’t scary before but they were pretty high, which doesn’t mean cancer but that something was not right, maybe precancerous.

Anyway, my OB/GYN asked me to repeat the test in 3 months, and I just did. Olya, I want to share with you my exciting news — it went from 20 to 11 (above 34 is worrisome for cancer cells)!!!


It has to be our treatment that we have been doing because the doctor told me it was just watchful waiting, nothing I could do.


In addition, my cholesterol numbers are back to SUPER normal!


Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!! I have no idea what you did specific for that but it worked!!! I am happy to have met you in my life. Really.


Hilda, Hoboken

Cancer, Cholesterol, Reproductive

As a teenager, I would experience major breakouts on my forehead and cheeks, and my weight would constantly fluctuate. I was unhappy and insecure with myself, and I felt apprehensive about living on my own in college; I knew that “freshmen 15” and heavy breakouts lied within my destiny.


After the completion of my first semester at college, I had already gained a solid 5 pounds and my breakouts were growing in size and place. Worst of all, I became addicted to sugar; I couldn’t go a day without eating cookies, cakes, and ice cream. I acknowledged my accruing health problems to myself, so I tried several mainstream diets. However, they all failed me, as I would regain any lost weight – and then some. I felt hopeless and “just plain fat”.


I started researching some holistic health approaches and came across Olya’s contact information. We started speaking on the phone a few times a week. Not only did Olya educate me on general holistic health, but she in fact, helped me lose the weight I had gained in college – and then some. She took her “magical wand” (her bio-scan laser) and re-programmed my body, so I would no longer depend on sugar on a daily basis. As if that weren’t enough, my skin COMPLETELY cleared up! I finished my first year of college with weight loss, a glowing skin complexion, and an emotionally-stable self. My friends and family noticed my new outer-beauty and inner-confidence.


I accredit Olya for all of my health progresses and still e-mail her for health insight.


Thank you, Olya!


Katrina, New York City

Asthma, Cough, Energy

Like many women, I had always been rather self-conscious with two physical aspects of myself: my weight and my skin.

I have been working with Olya on health & beauty for many years, but it wasn’t until after I had my baby that I realized I needed to get serious about my health on a deeper level.

Olya has changed my life. I have always struggled with weight issues (even when I was thin) and seemed to never be able to break through to where I could maintain feeling good inside and out and live my life without struggle or “dieting.” I finally committed to doing this program with Olya fully and have never looked back. The insight the work gives and the support & knowledge Olya provides made it possible for me to actually shift my way of living! There is a feeling of space, happiness, room to breathe and enjoy my life that I was seriously missing before. I have lost 40lbs, running my first half marathon, embarking on a new exciting artistic adventure, and I now have the mental & physical energy to keep up with my 2 year old! I cannot thank her enough. Olya has given me a whole new life.


Leanne, New York City

Energy, Weight

I am 36 years old and I have ulcerative colitis. Part of my colon has been removed. I hardly could eat anything and was living on white rice. Every time I would eat something else, I would end up in the hospital. My energy was very low and I was getting sick all the time.


Olya’s program helped me to revive my livelihood and physical shape. My choices in food expanded. She taught me about all different foods that will nourish me and not get sick. I am currently in the best physical state I’ve been in a decade, armed with tools to make it even better. I started gaining my healthy weight back and am no longer anemic.


Thank you Olya for the great knowledge, structure and support.


Victor, New York City

Anemia, Immune System, Ulcerative Colitis, Weight

My doctors told me I will have to get used to living with my chronic condition. “There was no medical solution, so get used to your new physical limitation.”

Results are key to me. And I have definitely experienced great results with you, balancing my hormones and reducing my anxiety.

Aside from your vast and broad approach I appreciate that the cost is affordable. Before seeing you a lot of the modalities you use were a mystery to me. Now I understand the healing properties of essential oils and the wonderful science behind the bioscan.


Because I am a Christian I like to know that things are science based and even though you have your own form of spirituality, it means a lot to me that when I work with you it’s based on the science.


Results are key to me. And I have definitely experienced great results with you, balancing my hormones and reducing my anxiety. I also have experienced bringing many many neighbors, friends, and church members to you and they have ALL seen results and are very pleased.


The world feels like a better place knowing you are a part of it and I would always recommend you. Thanks!


Shelley, New York City

Anxiety, Hormones

My daughter came home for a shower in May of 2008: although she knew I had been sick since Nov., she couldn’t believe how chronic my condition had become. I had a chronic croup cough, thick mucous like Elmer’s glue in my sinuses and mouth, sore dry spot in my throat and general fatigue plus my usual chronic yeast infection.


In Feb. I had pneumonia to complicate matters, I just couldn’t get better. So my daughter had Olya call me and I started a program via telephone with Olya. She was able to change my diet, advise supplements and cleanses for my chronic yeast infection. Olya’s treatment got my yeast infection under control and the changes in my diet caused the cough, mucous and sore dry spot in my throat to go away.


At first these changes in my diet seemed overwhelming, but Olya helped me through it. I’m still eating healthy and following what she told me. Now I don’t like to eat things that will hurt my system, I found new things under Olya that satisfy my taste buds.


Joan, Pittsburgh

Cough, Pneumonia, Yeast / Candida

I had pneumonia to complicate matters, I just couldn’t get better. So my daughter had Olya call me and I started a program via telephone with Olya.

The last time I went to get a CT scan and ultrasound, there was no longer any evidence of any kidney stones, gallstones, or ovarian cysts -- and I no longer need to have surgery. 

When I first came to see Olya, I was overworked, overstressed, and in so much physical pain. I was having excruciating abdominal pains that would last for hours, sometimes days, and would sometimes even vomit after eating certain foods. I went to several different doctors who diagnosed me with a variety of ailments: GERD, gastritis, kidney stones, gallstones, and an ovarian cyst. They wanted me to get several surgeries, which to be honest, completely terrified me. After working with Olya to get my BioScan and taking supplements to recalibrate my digestive system, Olya started me on a heavy metal and parasite cleanse. After a few months my body was eliminating more waste than ever before and my excruciating abdominal pains completely stopped. It's been over 3 months since I have had any symptoms. The last time I went to get a CT scan and ultrasound, there was no longer any evidence of any kidney stones, gallstones, or ovarian cysts -- and I no longer need to have surgery. And through meditation, energy work, and lifestyle changes, my stress and anxiety have also eased and I am able to refocus my energy on moving forward. I am beyond grateful to have been recommended to work with Olya and my work with her has changed my life for the positive in so many ways. I am excited to continue my work with her as I am taking strides to become the most physically and mentally healthy I have ever been. THANK YOU so much!


Kidneys, Digestion, Stress

My big problem, though was that I had been diagnosed with endometriosis three years earlier and had already gone through two surgeries. I suffered from excruciating and debilitating pain each month. I also had pretty bad migraines. I heard about Olya from my cousin’s friend who also suffered from endometriosis. She had had great success working with Olya after a short period of time . Since there is no “cure” for endometriosis I thought I might as well give Olya a try.


During our first consultation I immediately felt comfortable with Olya. She started me on an plan with diet changes, vitamins and supplements specialized for me and my needs. She explained the reasons behind each part of the plan. I decided to approach this plan aggressively and followed it accordingly.


To my surprise, after a few days of detoxing, I felt much better. My energy level was higher and my overall well being was improving by the day. The best part though was the effect it had on the endometriosis. After a month of following Olya’s plan, not only had my monthly pain decreased, it was almost gone. And as a bonus, my PMS symptoms were significantly subsiding. My migraines stopped. One final plus became evident as spring approached, my allergies had gone from severe to moderate. All in all, I have to say working with Olya has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. It has resulted in a healthier and stronger me.


Thank you Olya!


Jessica, New York City

Endometriosis, Migraines, PMS

Before I started working with Olya, I thought that I was living a fairly healthy life.​

I have quickly become a true believer of the bio-energetic feedback analysis.

The bio-scan testing is non-invasive; it involves a comprehensive scanning of your body by way of a wrist harness: reading what is going on inside of your body via your electric frequencies or galvanic skin response. The scan will inform you of any parasites, bacteria, fungus, organ imbalance, emotional issues, and energy levels. You may wonder how is this beneficial: well, having a clear concise picture of exactly what is ailing you allows one to succinctly treat that ailment, and you learn how to avoid certain foods / medications that may not be good for you while at the same time, embracing other foods / herbs that will sustain / nourish your body and mind.


As a 4-year breast cancer survivor, I wish I had known about bio-feedback analysis much earlier in my diagnosis. Needless to say, my body was ravaged by chemotherapy and radiation, not to mention the ill effects of Tamoxifen. At one point, my conventional doctors had me on so many different medications: some to treat the cancer and others to treat the side-effects of the cancer medications, that my body shut down: it no longer knew how to respond to all of the different drugs, some of which came with their own set of additional side-effects… for me, it was a vicious cycle of perpetual ailing.


With Olya’s guidance, I am finally beginning to feel much better and all of this is achieved simply with bio-feedback, eating healthy and using natural herbs and supplements to sustain my body, Amazing! No conventional medication has ever caused me to feel as strong as I am now. God forbid, I should have a relapse, which I won’t because I am committed to taking care of my health, naturally, I am clear I will not opt for chemotherapy again – the negative physical impact to my immune system / body is too high a price to pay. I’ve come to understand and appreciate the connection between one’s emotional well-being and how same impacts one’s physical well-being.


There is nothing more personally rewarding or empowering than to know that I am directly responsible, with Olya’s salient guidance and feedback, for healing my body, my mind – something my conventional doctors haven’t been able to achieve. I’m on a life-long journey to reclaim my health, there’s nothing more important. We only get one body and it is our responsibility to honor and cherish it!


Forever Grateful to Olya


Shana M., New York City

Cancer, Chemotherapy, Radiation

Although it would come and go in intensity it’s always been there. From the outside you wouldn’t know it, but from the inside everything feels like an enormous effort. I’m not a lazy person but it felt like I was being weighed down by something, and that something made even the simplest of tasks, or activities that were supposed to be enjoyable seem overwhelming, daunting or challenging.


Most people would call this depression. I always felt like it was some sort of imbalance and if I could just find the right thing that would “flip the switch” for me then I wouldn’t have to suffer from this anymore. I tried it all….every kind of workshop, multiple psychologists, acupuncture, tai chi, energy healing, all sorts of yogas, eating better, exercising. I also thought about changing jobs or moving from New York but I always knew this thing would follow me until I “fixed” it.


In August of 2010 I hit a point where I couldn’t face the overwhelming sense of unhappiness and daily struggle and was on the verge of giving in and finally trying medication. When I went to see a psychiatrist (and got a prescription) I knew I didn’t want to go forward with that path. But I didn’t know what else to do. When I spoke to Olya, I decided I would make one last “alternative” attempt. I wanted to fix the imbalance from the inside with a formula that was right for me instead of taking a mass made drug that I thought would just mask the symptoms and have other adverse side affects.


After Olya’s first scan and treatment I noticed a big difference. My appointment was on a Saturday and I felt there was a change in my energy which directly translated into action. On Sunday I not only had the motivation and energy to clear out the clutter and get rid of extra furniture in my apartment, but I felt a deep need to do this. I’ve always had moments of inspiration like this, but these highs always seemed to be followed by lows that take me 5 steps back. What’s been so exciting is that in the last 7 months I feel like I keep taking 5 steps forward and at times its only 1 step back.


It’s like I am a new person. Sure I still have stressful days, or a bad day, or don’t feel my best but it’s not with the same kind of all-consuming intensity I used to feel. I also haven’t had to deal with any downward spirals of pure emotional hell (sounds dramatic but that’s what it felt like). I even look different. I have a glow about me whereas before I seemed to have a gray cloud that was always there. Since working with Olya my hair has gotten thicker and really grown back. It started thinning in my mid twenties and you could almost see my scalp in places. People have actually started to notice the difference and tell me how well I look. My body temperature has also changed. I used to hate the winter and the cold (not to mention the dark) and now I welcome that cold air and I even complain of being too hot!


I’m a good patient because I come consistently. I spend the time and money because I can feel and see the changes and there is nothing more important than my health. While this has been subtle and gradual, the changes have built on each other and have made a lasting and profound impact. I don’t remember all the items we’ve addressed but I know we’ve worked on my lymph system (releasing toxins), we’ve worked on my kidneys (fear), we’ve targeted my adrenals (anxiety), and we’ve addressed a lot of deep rooted emotions. I’ve also just finished the 12 session program where we addressed a preset group of physical and emotional areas each time. I keep thinking to myself, okay brace yourself because you may have a relapse and this might all just be temporary. But that hasn’t happened. Its just been better and better every day and that person who came to Olya in August feels like someone else. I know this isn’t the case of some placebo effect (ie you believe it will work so it does). I’ve believed in everything I’ve tried but this has been different.


I am so grateful to Olya for providing this service because its allowed me to break this lifelong pattern, and as I go through my life towards fulfilling my goals and dreams, this treatment has allowed me to have the wind at my back. I used to feel like I was running against the wind and it just kept pushing me back. What’s so fascinating is that I have changed so much for the better, but its all started from the inside. There haven’t been any profound changes in my outside lifeHair Loss…I still have the same job, same city, same apartment (with a little less clutter), same single status, same inconsistent eating patterns and same limited exercise. What I do know is that as I continue this path these outside things will continue to change and evolve as I make proactive choices and changes as the actions I take are supported by a balanced and healthy mind and body.

I almost didn’t bother trying the bio-scan and emotox because I figured it would be like all the other things…somewhat helpful but it wouldn’t have the profound difference I needed to break this lifelong pattern. I intuitively understood how this works and I thought that being able to harness the abilities of a computer and a human being might just be the right formula. I believe that our bodies are self-healing machines but like machines we can get overworked and as a result not respond optimally or properly. When our bodies don’t work optimally it can be helpful to find a way to hit restart and to introduce a software to remind our cells what they need to do.

Olya’s machine reads your energy and provides a report on the stressors and imbalances you currently have. Olya will figure out which ones are able to be tackled in a particular session. Then she’ll use your body (your acupressure points) to tell her what vibrational frequency (light and if needed supplements) should be introduced to your body to jump start and reprogram your cells so your body can heal itself. After all the time and money I’ve spent on things, I figured why not spend the some money on the first session and at the very least I’d have a bio-scan report which I was curious to see anyway. I am so glad I did.


Lilian, New York City

Anxiety, Depression, Hair Loss

I’m 33 and for at least 10 years (and probably most of my life), I’ve had a dark cloud over me. 

I had never heard of Bioenergetics before. Since, I have used natural remedies to assist getting the infection out of my body.

I had come out of a stressful job, had lack of sleep, and was anxious. As a result, I got many eye infections (styes and chalazions) due to stress. I had never heard of Bioenergetics before. Since, I have used natural remedies to assist getting the infection out of my body. I hold stress in my eyes. Now, when I feel my eyes may be starting to feel tender I have products at home to take immediately. I feel them work in a matter of minutes. 


Also, my bio-scan showed my brain was in overdrive. My bio-scan also showed other things, and was the motivation I needed to improve my health. Seeing inside your body, was the motivation I needed to make further lifestyle changes. When I am stressed my brain gets overstimulated, which impacts my function, sleep, wellbeing and personal performance. Now I take the best products to calm me and assist my adrenal levels.


Sally, New York

Eye Health, Brain, Anxiety, Stress

My time with Olya has given me the self-awareness and confidence to live my life with ease and harmony. The supplements, treatments and talk therapy provided by Zoom have been extremely helpful. Olya has helped me to heal the root causes of the issues I initially came to her with, such as brain fog and low self-esteem. I feel I have gotten more effective treatment with her than other types of more traditional treatments I have tried before.


Brittany, New York

Anxiety, Depression

The supplements, treatments and talk therapy provided by Zoom have been extremely helpful. 

Two years ago I was at my son’s little league game and ran into a friend who was undergoing another round of radiation treatments in his long and brave battle with cancer. I was amazed at how good he looked knowing all that he was going through…

His energy level was high, his coloring was perfect, his spirit was pure and he had the strength of an ox.  I told him he was truly an inspiration to and asked how he was able to do so under such challenging circumstances?  He smiled and said “Bro, you have to go meet with Olya and she will help you get your body in-balance and get rid of all its toxins!”


Six months later, I was dealing with a lot of stress at work, had put on nearly 30 lbs, was having trouble sleeping and was dealing with severe joint pain in my knees and hand.  I proceeded to run into my friend at my son’s basketball game and he came over and said “Did you ever call Olya?”  I smiled and said “does it look like I called Olya?”  We both laughed and he handed me her number for the 2nd time.


For the past 2 years, I have been successfully working with Olya to bring overall health and wellness into my life.  The BioScan Treatments are amazing as it provides me with a complete look inside my body and lets me know what my stressors are and the imbalances they are creating both physically and emotionally.  Olya immediately finds the right supplements and is able to get my body balanced within a couple of days.


The BioScan treatments also showed me what I was allergic too and the types of foods that I should avoid at all costs.  Olya educated me on the importance of a healthy diet,  gave me some great recipes and suggested ways to eliminate the toxins that was contributing to my weight gain.


After getting my body back in balance, Olya began using the AcuLight Treatments in order to help reduce the overall inflammation and pain that I was suffering from in my hands and knees.  The treatments are working and the pain has subsided. I have resumed working out and have lost over 22lbs in the past 6 months.  I still have a way to go but am on the right track both physically and emotionally.


Olya is extremely knowledgeable, resourceful, accessible, honest and is committed to help you achieve overall balance in your life.  She doesn’t promise any “quick fixes” and makes that very clear during your initial consultation!  She firmly believes that if you keep making the small necessary adjustments you will be in a better position to achieve the BIG changes you are striving to achieve in the long term.


Gerry, New Jersey

 Arthritis, Weight

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