Resist-Immu allows the body to quickly overcome the frequent illnesses that can attack it from time to time due to decreased immunity. (ie. colds, flu, bacteria, fungus, virus, fevers, or respiratory illness). When the body is under massive attack by invading antigens, it usually requires 48 -72 hours to fight back with sufficient Killer T cells to get the attack under control and be able to successfully fight back and overpowering the invader. With the introduction of this powerful blend of preparatory ingredients, the body is able to kick in to over drive more quickly and produce Killer T cells that are able to fight back with less time and often completely over power the invaders before you can actually become ill.

Resist Immu - Fast Acting Immune Support

  • Intentions for Use

    Sore throat or fever coming, colds, flu, bacteria, fungus, virus, fevers, or respiratory illness.

  • Suggested Use

    Take 2-3 capsules every 3-4 hours until illness is gone. Or as directed by your healthcare provider.  

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