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How can you benefit from a personalized recommendation?

Natural products and supplements

There are millions of products out there, claiming to solve your problem. And though true, some may be beneficial to you, others on the other hand are loaded with fillers, GMO ingredients, soy, corn, artificial flavors and colors, which can cause more inflammation and toxicity in the body. When I recommend specific supplements, I look for clean products from reputable manufacturers. The difference in quality can significantly change what the product will do for you. Often people say the supplements they took didn’t work, I tell them that they are probably right, because they didn’t take the right ones.

Have you ever wondered if you could look inside your body?


Do you know that an illness appears as an energetic imbalance long before it manifests itself physically, often before it can be detected in blood work or MRI? By becoming aware where there is an imbalance, or internal stress, we can start addressing it with natural remedies, or suggest seeing a medical specialist. Even though the scan cannot be used as a diagnostic tool, the information it provides can be very useful for clients who don’t know “what’s wrong” with them.

We can do the Bio-Scan remotely by using the samples of DNA sent to us...Read full article here.

Are you eating healthy and exercise regularly, and still feel sluggish, inflamed and can’t lose stubborn pounds?

Nutrition, Customized Plans, Advanced Cleanses

Your nutrition is your fuel, and it will affect how your whole body functions. It will also affect your cravings, brain clarity, decision making, response to stress and emotions. Because of our unique biological and genetic imprint, same diets, no matter how healthy they are, don’t work for all. When I help my clients to create a personalized nutritional plan, I base it on so many different factors: background, blood type, health history, digestion, food sensitivities, wellness goals, and more. Recommending one diet for all is like fueling every vehicle, a truck, a racing car, or a malfunctioning car, with the same gas, and expect all of them perform well.

Do you have allergies, can't lose weight, gut issues, or low energy? 

Food and Sensitivity Test

Knowing which foods work the best for you can help you to reach your health goals faster and reduce overall inflammation in the body. Just because you don’t feel an allergic reaction to certain foods, it doesn’t necessarily mean you are not reacting to them, and that may be the reason why your energy crashed after eating or you feel bloated...Read full article here.


Never give up - you can always improve your health and wellbeing, regardless of your age and symptoms.    - Olya

Many clients come to me after they have tried diets and supplements that worked for someone else; they saw no results for themselves and continued to struggle with fatigue, pain and other symptoms. From my own experience working through challenging health issues, I have realized that eating well and working out does not always resolve issues; it is like putting high-quality gas in a car that has mechanical problems. There is no single health “blueprint” that works for all. From our DNA to our finger prints, each of us is distinct and therefore our health approaches should be, as well. My work is to discover the uniqueness of each of my clients lifestyles, bodies and emotions, which all play an important role toward our health.

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