How the food sensitivity test can help for allergies, weight, gut issues and more.

By Olya Piccirillo 

Why should we assume that the diet or exercise regimen that worked for someone else would also work for us? We are all unique. No two individuals share the same DNA or fingerprints. Instead, listen to your body for any clues, like pain, inflammation, energy shift, to see what works the best for you.


The healthiest foods are those that work for your body, not someone else's.

What works perfectly well for others, may be toxic for you. If you take supplements, exercise regularly, eat organic food, and still have health issues, or can't loose and maintain weight it means something is feeding the inflammation in your body, not allowing it to heal.

You may be aware about food allergies, but what about delayed food sensitivities? Food sensitivities can cause a variety of chronic symptoms which you would never think could be linked to food. The delayed reactions from these foods can occur anywhere from a few hours to a few days after exposure to the reactive food. As such, they are very difficult to detect without sophisticated scientific testing. It can be caused by the absence of certain chemicals or enzymes needed to digest a food substance, or by the body's responses to certain food ingredient. However, these foods will not come up in a traditional allergy test. Negative reactions caused by these foods occur as inflammatory, metabolic and immune imbalances, that traditionally are rarely associated with food consumption.

Improperly digested foods often lead to the adverse physiological reactions, and in the long term may also lead to the development of chronic disorders like obesity, hypertension, stomach ulcers, skin diseases, migraines, sexual disorders, migraines, and other health conditions.

When I did my own food sensitivity test, I learned (sadly!) that some of the "healthiest" foods I consumed every day were the very reason for my issue. They were causing an inflammatory reaction in my blood, keeping my body  in "repair mode" and trying to overcome the stress caused by these foods.


Some sensitivities are inherited from our parents and grandparents, and others are acquired, i.e. caused by eating the same food too much. As such, rotation of different foods is very important!

The patients who adjusted their diets based on their sensitivity test, saw quicker results in achieving their personal health goals.

Some reported weight loss, others noticed more energy and mental focus, or better digestion. One day I got a phone call from a patient who happily shared with me that all her cysts she has had in her breasts for years are gone, which was confirmed by her mammogram. Another client reported a huge positive change in her blood work.

And another person was happy with a sudden drop in her weight in just few weeks, which was surprising to her since "nothing else" (in her words) was working.

By learning what is hurting our immune system and avoiding these foods, we can allow our body to heal, and reboot the entire system, restoring our vitality and balance.

Please note, the test is not available in New York State. It is available very close by, in Connecticut and New Jersey.  Please email us at if interested in the food sensitivity test. 

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