Frequently asked questions.

If the scan reads the energy in the body, is it still accurate when it's done remotely?

Absolutely! Every part of our body carries the energy within the body, with it's unique physical, mental and emotional imprint. When I work with clients long distance, they often feel surprised how accurate the scan depicts imbalances and issues, even when they forget to mention those in the health questionnaire. It's like connecting the dots. Something we may have experienced long time ago is still affecting out health and stressing our organs, or preventing us to heal completely.  

Can I still have food sensitivities if I tested negatively for food allergies?

Almost all of us have some food sensitivities which can be inherited from our parents and grandparents, or acquired from eating the same foods all the time. Food sensitivities do not produce the same antibodies as allergies, and we may, or may not have, strong reactions to these foods. However, when we learn what we react to and start avoiding these foods, we notice a difference how we function. Our digestion may improve, or skin inflammation calm down, or energy levels become more stable, without crashing after meals. And when we reintroduce the trigger foods again, right away we will notice what they do to our body in a negative way.

Is a bioenergetic scan diagnostic? If not, why is it valuable?

A bioenergetic scan should not be considered as a diagnostic tool. However, it is a valuable instrument for detecting imbalances and assessing stress in the body's energy system. The scan report can reveal the systems that are sluggish and need support, or silent emotional blocks that prevent body from total healing. Instead of taking random supplements and focusing on managing the symptoms, the practitioner can develop a unique, custom program that will make sense to a client and produce positive changes within a short period of time.

Do my symptoms matter? If not, why not?

Your symptoms do matter. They are an outward manifestation of stress and imbalances occurring within the body. We look for the source or origin of this imbalance and offer stress reducing protocols through homeopathic remedies and other means to restore one's health. Our goal is to correct imbalances that, in turn, will start healing the symptoms. By taking a pain medication to ease your migraine headache will not fix the health issue that causes the migraines. Instead, by addressing the hormones, stress, detoxifying liver and supporting your emotional state, you start healing your body, and not numbing the pain.

Can I work with my doctors/medical practitioners and also seek bioenergetic testing?

More and more physicians are open to integrated or multi-dimensional approaches to medicine that utilize stress reduction, homeopathic remedies and nutritional recommendations. Be sure to inform your physician of your decision to seek bioenergetic testing and your desire to include your practitioner as part of your overall wellness program.

Will I get better? 

Natural healing takes time. The healing path has a common destination, but it can be a superhighway for one person and a jungle trail for another. Healing depends on many factors: length of conditions or symptoms, seriousness of condition, and most of all, willingness to follow the recommended protocols. Be assured that even if you do not consciously experience wellness overnight, healing is occurring on many levels. You may notice slight changes in your health immediately or you begin to notice gradual improvements in your energy over time. The stress points in the body may have taken years to materialize. It usually takes at least one month for each year you have had the specific symptom, before the body starts healing.