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55 Min

Connect with Olya via Zoom.


A chat with Olya to briefly explore your health challenges, modalities you have explored, and the remedies you may of taken before. She will provide you with the recommendations for how to move forward to better health.​


The session also includes recommendations for natural remedies, which can be shipped straight to your home in the USA.


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Virtual Bio-Scan

90 Min Zoom with Olya to see inside your body.


We recommend the Bio-Scan when you want to get to the root cause of the various symptoms and chronic conditions, that rob you of good health. The SpectraVision technology scans your DNA and creates a stress report of the entire body. Whatever blocks the flow of your energy and vitality: viruses, bacteria, mold, nutritional deficiencies or emotional traumas, the Bio-Scan can pinpoint these specific blockages and helps to create a logical course to re-balance them, and restore health. 

Click here for more details (what to expect, and how to Virtual Bio-Scan works).

Read full article on Bio-Scan here.


Click the select button to book, or email at olya@vbiowell.com

Food & Sensitivity Test

Connect with Olya via Zoom.


After your Bio-Scan, if interested, we can discuss if this advanced lab test would be beneficial for you!


Includes an easy-to-use home kit mailed to you, a prepaid FedEx envelop for sending the sample to the lab, and a 55 min session with Olya to follow up on your results and go over your personal nutritional plan.

​Read full Food Sensitivity article here.