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To become the best version of yourself.

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Are you approaching or going through that midlife phase of your life, a.k.a. menopause? Are you feeling less of everything: less sexy, less beautiful, less confident? 

Then your mission is to bring into your life the anti-aging wisdom and simple daily rituals of Goddesses and legendary beauties from different cultures, to awaken your own Goddess inside you and get your groove back.


Are you in your late 40's or early 50's and start realizing that the lifestyle and diet you have maintained are no longer keeping your body in the same shape?

So, you start exercising more, and more, and eating less, and less…and still, nothing seems working: your waistline is steadily getting bigger, the skin becomes looser, the energy feels lower, and those embarrassing hot flashes you are trying to hide…

Or you may be in your 60s or 70s and have you slowly given up trying to fix what has stopped working?

Your sleep, your metabolism, your thyroid, your energy levels, just to name a few, oh and your sex life (sex life?) has changed … and you have decided to accept it as something that comes with age. Afterall, that is what our mothers and grandmothers did!



What if all you need is a little guidance to become the very best version of yourself?

Register for the free webinar and awaken your midlife Goddess!

As I approached my own midlife phase in life and saw how my body stopped cooperating with me on many levels, I knew I needed to shift things in my lifestyle, exercise, nutrition, daily routines, and even my thoughts, to get my groove back and feel that I am the best version of myself, even in midlife, and even when I’ll reach my 80th and 90th.

I am Olya Piccirillo, a Holistic Health counsellor and Bioenergetic practitioner and I have been working with 

clients on different health challenges since 2008 (drawing from my advanced bioenergetics - nutritional education, and studies in Liberal Arts and Psychology from Columbia University and more).  

Many women that I worked with, reported an increase in their energy levels, better metabolism, achieving healthy weight as I shared with them what I have personally learned and practised daily. In fact, the idea of this course came to me from my female clients who saw so much value in the knowledge they received.

True, it takes discipline, care and maintenance. But in the end, just like with cars, good maintenance can transform an old car into a sexy vintage car that functions well. 

I want to be that beautiful vintage car...don’t you?​


Attend my webinar where I will be covering the three most common challenges shared by women in midlife and giving you my perspective into “why” and “how” to address them.

The webinar will not just be about more information. I will be talking to you about a possible TRANSFORMATION — to change how you can feel physically and emotionally better, and shift your thoughts about yourself and how other people can see you.

Let’s awaken that Goddess inside you! Your menoPause can become a menoShift to the best version of yourself.


The webinar provides a glimpse into:


What are the essential supplements we MUST take every day? And what kind? Brands and quality do matter!

Energy, Vitality and Libido

Your sex life doesn’t have to die. What do we need to know about keeping our V-parts alive and keep the inner fire going?

Face and Body Anti-aging 

How can we incorporate the secrets from Goddesses and royalties of different cultures to preserve beauty and longevity, and make it part of our simple daily routine?


Find out how your hormones impact digestion, sleep, energy levels, sex life, skin, and weight as we get older. And what we can do about these changes. We can only fix what we understand.


As our bodies change, our exercise routine needs to change too. What can we learn from eastern medicine about exercise and body movement that can save our joints? 


As we reach midlife, find out whether you need to change how and what you eat. Why we can't eat the way we ate in our 20s, 30s, 40s. And why our nutritional needs (and habits) need to be adjusted.

If you're tired of searching for information and are looking for a TRANSFORMATION. 

Register for the free webinar and get the answers you need. 

My personal guarantee to you:

- Olya

I am confident, with the tools and solutions I offer, you'll get clarity on the steps for you to take, so you start feeling the best at any age.


Sandy, New York City

It turned out that many foods known to have health benefits, like almonds, eggs, stone fruits, were not suitable for my body.

Jill, West Palm Beach

After being diagnosed with and treated for two tumors, Olya was the only person to alert me to the fact that my body was trying to tell me something—it needed a change.

Zoe, New York City

When I started working with her, my hair was falling out.

I had two bald spots on top of my head. Within a month, the bald spots were completely covered with new hair growth.

Shelley, New York City

Results are key to me. And I have definitely experienced great results with Olya, balancing my hormones and reducing my anxiety.

Elisabeth, New York City

I got on the scale. After 2 months, I lost 20 lbs!!!!!!

And my mom lost 10-12 lbs since she has been here and eating with me.

Irina, New York City

In less than a month, I noticed that my stomach was less bloated and even lost few pounds without trying!